Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Hair Power Skin Revolution BBC Radio Northampton Interview 5th August 2018

On 5th August, my interview with producer Suki Somal, aired on BBC Radio Northampton's Mark Dean Show, which is a weekly news and events show for Northamptonshire's African and Caribbean community. 

Eight years on since its publication in 2010 and the subject of my anthology Hair Power Skin Revolution is still relevant today.

To find out more, you can listen to the interview, which was aired in two parts at 8.10pm and 9.20pm by visiting the following link:

My interview with BBC Radio Northampton

Part 1 = 18.45 
Part 2 = 1.12.00

There are 27 days left to listen.


  1. Lovely heartfelt discussion on empowerment as well as choices with our hair that might move us away from our identity and feeling ourselves. Great listening to this. The topic of black women and hair is endless!

  2. Really happy hearing the big discussion in Part 2 on the current mainstream expectations for hair styles and what that means for natural hair choices women with afro-textured hair might make. So very current.

  3. Thank you Ayesha...yes really enjoyed the big discussion. The subject of black women and hair lives on and on...