Friday, 2 March 2018

Poetanoster: A Collection of Poems

The Attenborough Paternoster, University Of Leicester
The Centre for New Writing at University of Leicester  has commissioned poems to commemorate the Attenborough Tower Paternoster. In my role as Literary Associate, I am currently editing Poetanoster, a collection of poems, the best of which will be published as a pamphlet, together with interviews with porters (in a section called 'Portanoster').

The poems will be archived in Special Collections in David Wilson Library. A forthcoming event will be held with inaugural readings of the poems.

The paternoster is an open lift, with lots of carriages that are continually circulating so you can 'hop on' at any point. Riding up to the top floor gave great views of the university campus and city.

The Attenborough paternoster was built in 1970 and was one of only three operating paternosters in the UK. It broke down a year ago and will soon be dismantled and replaced with a modern lift. Many have fond memories of this rare and historic lift.

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