Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Art of Creative Thinking - Book Review

In the introduction to The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins, he discusses how "at school, creativity was suppressed and crushed..." At art college he found the opposite.  "There was no emphasis on getting it 'right'.  All around me were people experimenting for the sheer hell of it, doing things that made  no sense - or rather doing things because they made no sense. "

The book is intended to be an overview of many useful creative-thinking techniques, and an examination of the thought processes and methods creative people use and which can be used to help everyone.

I found the many short yet insightful chapters were a great boost particularly when your creativity is running low or you feel the need for inspiration.  There are too many to mention - here are extracts from a few that stood out for me:

be positive about negatives

If others respond strongly to something you've done, that's positive - even if the reaction is negative.  What should concern you more than anything is no reaction whatsoever.

be mature enough to be childish

The future belongs to those who can reconnect with play.  It is the child in you that is creative, not the adult.  Whatever you're doing, do it as if for the first time.  To children, there is no last time.  Every time is the first time.

The book includes over 80 of these types of creative-thinking techniques, something for everyone regardless of whether or not you think you are creative.  The quotes at the end of each chapter add a quirky touch.


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  2. Thanks for your comment Lauren. I'm glad you found this post helpful!